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With The Breakthrough Method That Has Transformed Thousands of Singers, Speakers and Performers From More Than 132 Countries!

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Improve Your Singing Voice

Today is the day to release restrictions and set the REAL YOU free. 

No more pain and strain. No more lack of confidence. No more “not sounding good enough”.  No more lack of strength and power. No more restrictions.

Here’s how you can develop an extraordinary awareness of your unique voice, mind and body to rapidly and dramatically improve your voice, your confidence, your ability to communicate and perform, and your ability to learn rapidly and become a peak performer.

Per Bristow coaches singers and speakers in the Los Angeles area, as well as singers from all over the world via web camera.

Via his world-renowned home study program Sing With Freedom, and The Singing Zone online singing training, the Bristow Voice Method has trained singers from more than 132 countries.

"I have studied with some of the most well-known vocal instructors in Los Angeles. Per is not only the 'Buddha of the Voice”, he is without a doubt Los Angeles' most extraordinary vocal coach."
Angel Travis, www.myspace.com/angeltravis

"I perform with greater freedom than ever before."
Bobby Pulido - Grammy nominee and platinum selling artist www.bobbypulidoonline.com

Sing, Speak and Perform with Power, Confidence and Freedom

Improve Your Speaking Voice

For Public Speakers, Actors, Lawyers, Teachers, Salespeople, Leaders, Students, Presenters, Iphone users - frankly, anyone who ever communicates with someone (beyond text messages)...

Want to heal a voice problem?
Want greater strength, power and resonance?
Want to be more confident and influential when you present and communicate?

The Bristow Voice Method is designed to dramatically improve your speaking voice and your public speaking skills. It turns you into a free, confident and charismatic communicator - a human being who has the power to influence and the power to empower others.

As an inevitable consequence, you attract greater success in your career and life.

"In The Very First Session He Magically Got Me My Voice Back"
Esme Jacobsen, 76 year-young

“Per has not only saved my voice, he has saved my career”Peter Thomas, professional speaker - www.peterthomasjr.com

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