About the Method - Bristow Voice Method

About the Method

The Bristow Voice Method

The Bristow Voice Method (BVM) was born out of Per Bristow's vast experience as a performing musician, singer, actor and athlete, his many years of experience as a teacher and coach, and his depth of knowledge in areas of human anatomy, modern training methods, advanced learning strategies, peak performance psychology, advanced mental training techniques, nutrition and more.

The Bristow Voice Method is designed to go far beyond improving the physical voice. Depending on the individual’s needs and desires, BVM serves to bring the individual to significantly greater levels of well-being, self-confidence, creativity and health, in addition to dramatically and rapidly improve communication, presentation and performance skills.

  • Extraordinary Kinesthetic Awareness
  • Free, Truthful Expression
  • Soaring Confidence - Peak Performance

Extraordinary Kinesthetic Awareness

You can now via a series of unique, fun-filled, and revolutionary exercises discover the muscles involved in vocal production at a deeper level than ever before. You experience how past attempts to create power, range, depth, etc., engaged far more effort than needed, and you can effectively learn to strengthen the desired muscles while relaxing undesired muscles

You rapidly discover how to dramatically increase range, create more power with less effort, heal and prevent injury, make your voice richer, deeper, freer, etc. And those with so-called “pitch problems” realize how much easier it is to sing on key than previously believed.

This increased kinesthetic awareness and knowledge empowers you to be able to practice yourself with great efficiency and rapid results. Practice also becomes a more exciting and enjoyable adventure as new discoveries always wait around the corner.

In essence, the BMV-trained singer/speaker discovers how incredibly good it feels to relese free and effortless sound.

Which leads to...

Free, Truthful Expression

Forced sound tends to be accompanied by forced behavior and vice versa. Force always creates counter-force (resistance) – a physical truth that applies to all aspects of life.

As you discover the kinesthetic (bodily) sensation of a free and effortless sound, you also open the door to free and true expression. The Bristow Method embraces the philosophy that every field of life and every profession – whether it be actors, singers, speakers, teachers, lawyers, negotiators, salespeople, etc. – is enriched by truthful behavior.

The singer who contorts his face out of tension because it is the only way he/she can "squeeze" out the note, has a far lesser impact than the singer who happens to contort his face out of intense passion.

The person who is soft-spoken due to lack of strength has significantly less impact than the person who is soft-spoken out of choice and intent.

The lawyer can more easily create a commanding presence when his/her voice is rich and free rather than when it is strained and squeezed = strained and squeezed behavior. (A truly commanding and powerful presence is in fact achieved when force is not needed.)

The speaker connects with the listener at a significantly deeper level when his/her voice is free and resonate, than when his/her voice is breathy, nasal, squeezed, forced, monotonous, crackly, etc.

The actor, whose art is all about truthful emotional response, finds greater acces to his dynamic self as his physical and inner voice becomes more expressive.

The singer/songwriter dicovers a new level of creativity, partly due to the increased range of physical possibilities, and partly by discovering greater truth and freedom in what he/she wants to express.

As you experience this freedom of releasing sound… as this newfound awareness strengthens, repairs, broadens, relaxes, beautifies your voice… as your true personality is no longer held back by a hesitant, weak, forced, strained, tight, or compressed voice… then your passionate, authentic and compelling personality can truly blossom.

Which leads to . . .

Soaring Confidence - Peak Performance

It may be obvious how this inner-directed approach automatically develops a confident use of your voice, as well as a more confident personality.

You may also be taught advanced mental training techniques to learn skills even faster, to better prepare for performance, as well as to break through psychological/mental barriers.

With the Bristow Voice Method, you have, in fact, fostered your mindset for Peak Performance from day one – whether you know it or not.

Athletes call it "being in the zone". Actors call it "being in the moment". It is a heightened level of consciousness – a state where time ceases to exist and where perception changes.

From day one, you have become accustomed to experience the present moment and you have gotten used to singing fearlessly.

Now you can’t wait to share your voice with an audience. As performers we strive to make every performance a special moment, whether that "performance" is teaching a student something new, delivering a closing argument in a court case, giving an oral presentation, singing at the local Karaoke bar, or leaving the audience spellbound at a sold-out Madison Square Garden.