Success Stories - Bristow Voice Method

Success Stories

I Perform With Greater Freedom Than Ever Before

"...My range has already improved in both the higher and lower registers with much better quality, and I perform with greater freedom than ever before. I'm sure The Bristow Voice Method will help you too."

Bobby Pulido- Grammy nominee and platinum selling artist

I Have Found My One True Voice

"I have studied with some of the most well-known vocal instructors in Los Angeles, but NO ONE compares to Per's tapestry of training tools in vocal pedagogy. With Per's freeing approach and compassion, I have found my one true voice and I am seeing the results in my professional singing career. He is not only the 'Buddha of the Voice', he is without a doubt Los Angeles' most extraordinary vocal coach."

Angel Travis, singer, songwriter

The Rock Singer’s Dream Coach

"So you want to be a Rock star? Well, in order to be a Rock star you have to have a voice. I thought I had one until I met Per Bristow. As a somewhat accomplished singer I didn't feel that I needed any lessons, but my band asked me to at least look into it. So I ate my pride and off to Per's I went.

The first thing that struck me was how comfortable Per makes you feel, very care free and totally relaxing. In the first two lessons I was amazed that my voice not only had gotten better but I would say ten times better. This newfound confidence in your voice translates right to the stage if you are a regular performer like myself.

I'm not one for all of the technical jargon involved with singing or its theory, and I was dreading that part of the lessons, but Per dispenses with all the formalities right from the first lesson. Wow, what a relief ... He didn't seek to change my voice or style but taught me to use what I already have inside in a much better and more efficient way. I discovered why I can and can't reach certain notes and you start feeling as though anything is possible.

I was blessed to have found Per and I can't imagine where I would be without him (probably still hoarse from the gig last night.) He is the rock singer's dream coach, and I am proud to count him among some of the most influential people in my life. Thank you for everything. You are the real star here."

JFK, lead singer of the World Wide Spies

A Rare Combination Of Skill And Passion

"Per Bristow is a rare combination of skill and passion. He has a unique ability to understand and hear what you and your voice are all about and cater to your unique needs. When you sing eight shows a week and need to learn to work around the adverse conditions, you need a coach who's done it and knows what he's talking about. Per is the real deal. It's hard not to kick yourself for not having found him earlier."

Jerald Vincent, singer on National tours of The Producers, Aida, and more.

At Ease Right Away

“I'm a NY to LA transplant and having taken voice lessons for several years, I knew enough to know what I was looking for. My new teacher had to be able to explain technique in a way that made sense to me, push me to move outside of my comfort zone musically, have some real "musical chops" of his/her own and be a nice person! I was so lucky to find Per Bristow.

Per is a terrific teacher. He's patient when you are at your worst and he pushes you when you are having a simply wonderful lesson, knowing that you can be even better. He is well versed in a variety of musical styles, even if you aren't, and to his credit, he will NOT let you do only those things you are comfortable doing. His open and friendly manner will put you at ease right away and when he is really pushing you with a new exercise or a new piece of music that is just plain hard or different, his easy but insistent manner helps you get through it."

Valeece Broadway Smith, singer in Cathedral Choir and Gregory Jones & Ministry Gospel Group (CD available at

Talk About More Power

"A couple of months ago I would have keeled over, trying to hit the notes I sing today. Talk about more power with less effort!"

Jax, bass player, backup singer

"I've been performing and recording for 8 years. Second lesson with Per and for the first time I felt I was really singing, I mean really singing".

Paul Hughes, R&B artist

Walked In Hoarse, Walked Out Sounding Better Than Ever

Per Bristow (I've affectionately & reverently dubbed him "Guru Per" because his teachings heal me as much as, if not more than, any spiritual teacher) helps me take my voice to new heights every time I step into his studio. Even on the day I walked in hoarse, I walked out sounding better than ever. His techniques not only strengthen my vocal cords and vocal quality, they also build confidence, esteem and help open up my range in ways I've never imagined."

Erica Woods, dancer, writer, singer

In The Very First Session He Magically Got Me My Voice Back

"For a long time I had been suffering from strange noises and weakness in my voice. My first doctor thought I had nodules and prescribed 2 weeks of silence. Discouraged, I sought a second opinion. No nodules were now found and I was instead sent to a speech therapist. After 3 months of speech therapy I met with Per, and in the very first session he magically got me my voice back! I could hardly believe it. I got an instant sense of the tension that had been built up and how I could release it, both in my speech and in my singing. I had never experienced voice training as such a freeing experience. Add to that Per's wonderful sense of humor and it makes it all the more delightful. The following weekend I sang at my temple with a joy I hadn't felt in such a long time. Per's method is true magic".

Esme Jacobsen, 76 year-young

Never Felt Confident Behind A Microphone Until I Met Per

"As a guitar player, I never felt confident behind a microphone until I met Per. Now after only a few months of his teaching, I'm able to sing out with the same passion and confidence it took me years to develop on an instrument."

Isaac Pearson, guitarist, backup singer of the World Wide Spies

Helps You Find The Core Of Your

"Per has a profound knack for finding the extraordinary within us. I have been working with Per for years now, and what I most appreciate is his ability to never lose faith in me as a singer and artist. He continues to push my voice pass "impossible" at every opportunity. One lesson may be full of new vocal exercises, and the next one unveils a song that challenges all of the assumptions I have made about myself. He is unrelenting in his desire to uncover our true abilities, and yet his gentleness invites us to be vulnerable and raw. His students improve dramatically because he refuses to rehearse with caution. His lessons are fun, rewarding, and life affirming. He helps you find the core of your being by helping you finding the strength in your voice. He is a truly talented teacher and a gift to the student who is willing to seek their voice's true power and depth."

Rande Dorn, dancer, singer, choreographer

Confidence In Public Speaking

"Per has an extremely high degree of enthusiasm for helping people reach their goals as well as an ability to put people at ease with his humor and warmth. He uses his skill and knowledge to help people understand and pass through physical and mental blocks that may otherwise inhibit the voice from developing. Finding my singing voice helped me develop my confidence in public speaking and in other areas of my daily life."

Lisa Kay, Psychologist

No More Trouble With My Speaking Voice

"After getting hoarse at the beginning of the term--the time when I give more lectures--I signed up for voice lessons with Per Bristow. I have had no more trouble with my speaking voice or throat after that. In addition, my daily voice practice has been a great thing for my immune system."

Mary Courtney, teacher, trainer, lecturer

Taught Me How To Speak To A Group With Power And Resonance

"After many frustrating months of repeatedly losing my voice while teaching in front of a class, Per taught me how to speak to a group with power and resonance without damaging my voice. He has a wonderful way of freeing the voice and I felt I learned more in 2 lesson with Per than in years of vocal training. These are skills that I use everyday and that have been invaluable to my career."

Lauren Vidal, schoolteacher & camp leader

I Never Believed I’d Be Able To Sing High Cs So Easily

"Per continues to challenge me to go beyond what I think I can do. Before I saw him, I never believed I'd be able to sing high Cs so easily. I'm a baritone who could barely get past F! But even though I sing higher than ever, my voice has also become deeper and richer. He allows me to trust myself to be free to express sounds in all ranges. I also have a lot of fun doing Per's exercises at home because you can really make them your own."

Jim Felton, singer, actor

Freed Up To Express In A Whole New Way

"Per's easy-going approach has helped me to sing and perform with freedom, ease and expression like I never had before. It kind of sneaks up on you and next thing you know you're freed up to express in a whole new way."

Natascha Corrigan, singer, songwriter

Makes Me Feel More Alive

"I have no aspiration to sing in public, but I always look forward to my weekly voice lesson with Per. Singing makes me feel more alive. I walk out of my lesson rejuvenated and inspired".

Cathy Cohn

Testimonials for home-study course

Already Singing With Freedom! It's Amazing!

I work fulltime as a freelance vocalist in Australia, and I realised that even though I could sing well, there were still many areas that I needed to develop.

For the record, I have spent $$$ on singing lessons & other courses and I must admit, when I stumbled across your course, I didn't know whether it was going to really help me get the results I so desperately wanted. I figured the worst case scenario would be I might learn a little and get a bit of improvement.

Well, can I just say that after just 2 weeks of doing your course (I'm still on Lesson 2) I'm already doing what your DVD's say - Singing With Freedom! It's amazing! I'm finding my voice is flowing more easily throughout my range and with more agility & I'm NOT THINKING ABOUT IT!! Very Cool.

Oh, one last thing. I really love the way you teach musicianship in The Singing Zone. You've made music theory so simple and easy to understand, & interactive in a really fun way!"

Evelyn Duprai – Australia

Your Techniques Have Revolutionised The Way I Sing

"Before I started working with your techniques, I encountered countless problems relating to straining my voice. Sing With Freedom has allowed me to let go of so much tension that I have been trying to use to gain power. The result of this is less hoarseness, a clearer voice and a whole lot more enjoyment from singing. Put simply: Your techniques have revolutionised the way I sing."

Steve McCormick – England

Cannot Believe The Sound Coming Out Of My Mouth

“With absolutely no formal training I have sang my entire life until I was nearly 21 years old. My voice did get progressively better, but I hit a wall. That is when I began looking into technique. But what I found was confusing and conflicting information. Thankfully, I stumbled upon your course. Naturally I was skeptical at first, but after the course I have been singing better than ever.

I am constantly in awe of my voice to the point that I cannot believe it is actually coming out of my mouth. Music is such a huge part of my life and I cannot thank you enough for making such high-end vocal training available and affordable. You have single-handedly taken me from an average singer to a great singer, and I can think of very few people who have impacted my music as much as you have. I’m recommending this course to anyone who is ready to become the singer they’ve always wanted to be. Thanks again for all of your help Per”.

Mike Harari – Florida

I Love To Sing Again!

“My professional singing career had become so depressing because of the tension I was fighting and the fear it brought with it. I started fearing the bad things: every mistake I make, every high note not nailed, every run failed. After going through your home-study program I am feeling a lot more freedom in my singing. I am now over 100 performances into our show “Imagine”, a gospel/R&B style review of the Beatles music, and they recast me this contract from the Baritone role to the Tenor I role!!!!

Thanks to your program, I didn’t freak out and let the highness of the vocals intimidate me and I’m really starting to open up my high range. I’m the only one right now not losing his voice. I feel inspired to improve my show every night using what I learned in your program. I love to sing again! You are a great teacher, Per. Thanks. “

Malachi Haynes – Japan

Given Me Both The Confidence And Ability To Perform For Anyone!

“Per’s Online Course has given me both the confidence and ability to perform for anyone! In the past 6 weeks, I’ve gained a sense of awareness of my voice that I never thought possible! Every day is now new and exciting! I look forward to the possibilities that are ahead of me! Thanks Per!!”

Bryan Paul Jett - worship leader/singer/songwriter - Tennessee

What An Eye-Opener!!

“I have been playing and singing in a rock and blues band for nearly 12 years, and I usually sing high stuff (e.g. AC-DC, Guns ‘N Roses, Jimmy Barnes etc.). In the last year, however, I’ve had problems singing those high notes. So I hopped on the Internet and came across Per Bristow’s website and signed up for his course. What an eye-opener!!! Not only did my voice get back to the level I was performing before, but it also improved beyond that - especially the comfort with which I’m singing these high notes now and also the very low range. Thanks Per!”

Frank Hendrikx - rock singer, New Zealand

Feel My Voice Is Freer Than It Ever Has Been.

“I have been singing for many years and following Per’s online singing course was a great experience. I learned a lot about my voice, on how to work and vibrate my vocal cords. This understanding is an open door towards the release of sound. I feel my voice is freer than it ever has been. Thank you, Per, for this precious help and wonderful time.”

Sophie Tenot – France

A New Instrument Of Music That I Can Play

After 1st lesson: “Wow … I gotta comment .. This is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME !!!
Oh yes – so much more than just singing … Thank you !!!”

After completing course: “What an experience this has been… I sang Silent Night at the family Christmas gathering and my son (20) says to me: “Ya know dad – you can sing – and you should expand your venues to other styles of music”. What a difference from years before when folks said – “just play the piano – don’t sing”.

I really want to thank you for helping me see something within me, the singing voice, that was always there … A new instrument of music that I can play … And it is such a fascinating instrument, the singing voice … So much more than the piano, or guitar. I have spent most of my life expressing my emotions through the piano and guitar. And now, to be able to express my emotions with my voice … Wow !!! Thank you … Even at 51, I realize now that ya can teach an old dog new tricks !!!”

Danny Sternadel - Oregon

Spent So Many Year Protecting My Voice

I’ve spent so many years protecting my voice from cracking when singing through my “bridges”, that it was at first difficult to just let go and allow my voice to be free - like a baby does - without the fear and the apprehension. Your course was great, and what I drew from the lessons was how the voice can be allowed rather than forced. The strain and push (at least for me) came from trying to force and squeeze the notes, because of the apprehension that if I let go I will crack.

The reality set in that if I practice the techniques and exercises you gave, the vocal folds actually strengthen themselves via that “letting go” process, and the voice won’t break when going through the bridges. Now I’m able to feel the difference between the relaxed voice and the strained voice. And you know what? The relaxed voice is much easier and the one preferred. Thanks Per for all your help and assistance.

Grover Simmons – Illinois

I Have Never Learnt As Much

“First of all, I would like to say a big thank you for your product. From lesson 1 alone I learnt so much about my voice. I come from having 3 singing teachers, multiple online products and honest to God I have never learnt as much as I have from those 50 minutes of instruction!”

Daniel Yuen - Canad

Taken My Performance To The Next Level

Hi Per: Thanks so much for making your course available to the public. I have learned a lot in a very short time. I used to force the notes out and I easily became hoarse. Now I sing the notes with ease. I get comments like ” Wow, Your voice is so powerful, and you seem to do it effortlessly”. I have learned to relax more and let most of my power come from my chest area. Every singer is different, but I prefer the chest sound. The exercises that you recommend really help keep my vocal chords relaxed and loose. I am now able to sing louder and stronger with far less effort or strain. Any singer, amateur or pro who really wants to improve their voice should take your vocal course. I am the vocalist for a Neil Diamond Tribute band. We book gigs all over the country. Your course has helped me take my performance to the next level. Many thanks Per,

Eddie Kij – Arizona

My Voice Would Become Hoarse After Rehearsals

Per, you have made my voice feel the freedom that I had always wanted! Before I learned the Bristow Voice Method, my voice would become hoarse after rehearsals and I’d stop singing for weeks waiting to get my voice back. After just doing two weeks of your lessons, my voice wouldn’t tire. My range has improved and I have more confidence to gracefully slide into my higher registers and my songwriting has improved drastically. I’ve learned so much about singing! Thank-you Per -you rock

Tara Napoli - Los Angeles, California

I Was Having Problems With Hoarseness

Hello Per, I purchased the course because I sing karaoke every weekend and I was having problems with hoarseness. My singing was already good and it has really gotten better since I have taken the course. I sing so many types of genres of song including Rock, R&B, and even some hip hop. The amazing thing now is I can complete a night of singing some of these taxing songs with little or no hoarseness the following day. I practice learning new songs constantly and have learned a great deal from singing so many ranges of songs. I purchased the song in the summer of last year and about a month ago one person said after one of songs “that was awesome.” Several other people applauded me on the same song, and it’s great to be told you were awesome and not be hoarse the next day.
Thank you,

Jesse Cook – Texas

At First I Was Skeptical

I’m 36 yrs old and at first I was skeptical that a singing/voice course could be done without the instructor hearing what I’m singing. I did not intend to become a professional singer, only to improve the dynamics of my speaking voice during presentations and build the confidence to sing some karaoke with customers in Japan without sounding awful! After the first three lessons and regular practice I started to notice a difference… speaking and singing with less effort and more range. While I was singing along to a song at a bar, a friend commented,

“I didn’t know you could sing.” Honestly, I didn’t know either. I am still working through the rest of the course and I’ll let you know how the karaoke goes. The strange part is that your ears are probably better than you think so not having someone listening early on doesn’t seem to be an issue. This course gives you exercises to be able to sing better regardless of experience. It’s like someone showing you how to hold a pick and hit clean notes on a guitar. Even if you already play guitar, the exercises will only make you better."

Jim Darnell - California

Per’s online/DVD singing course was great for me. With a busy schedule and tight budget, I got to benefit from his excellent instruction, on my own time, and at just a fraction of what private lessons cost. I have always preferred private, in-person lessons but I needed many hours of instruction which required a big time and financial commitment. Now, when I want to really practice a skill, I can watch the online/DVD repeatedly. So, now when I have time, I can take a private lesson from Per and focus less on exercises and work more on the actual songs.

Lisa Kay - Los Angeles, California

Now I’m Enjoying My Singing Again!

I think the main thing I’ve noticed is that I have a new, little inner voice (which is getting louder!) that tells me to “RELAX!” when I’m singing, and the other older voice that said “THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” does indeed seem to be getting quieter!! I believe this relaxation is the key to my improvement. I’ve always had a “musical ear” and been able to maintain fairly good pitch, tone, etc. (especially in what I call my “safe zone”) but I’ve always been critical of myself when my voice breaks or cracks when I try to stretch my range, or if I can’t quite get the “high” note.

I found that trying to be a “perfect” singer was so difficult to attain, and quite draining!! And so, for me, Per seems to have given me some much needed “permission” to be my NATURAL self again. No worries if I don’t get it right FIRST TIME anymore!!! I know now, that practice doesn’t have to be formal, or like a chore. Now, I can be MYSELF again. Now I’m ENJOYING my singing again. That in itself is the biggest achievement I’ve gained since studying this course. Thank you again, Per, for everything…

Sharon Moore – England

Like Really Being In The Same Room With You

Hello Per, Firstly let me tell you how much I’ve enjoyed and benefited from your course. I have found the video’s to be most beneficial to me. Watching you on my computer is like really being in the same room with you. I love the way you wait while allowing us to try various techniques. I feel like I could almost ask you a question right there and then! You are inspiring and thank you so much for your help

Marco Moretti- Australia

Have Never Felt Learning To Sing Can Be So Effortless And Simple

I have been singing for the past 9 years and took voice lessons from 3 different teachers before. But nothing can compare to what Per’s online lessons have taught me. I always felt learning to sing is far to hard and complicated. But then, the truth now becomes that I have never felt learning to sing can be so effortless and simple. It’s truly God’s blessing to have Per. Awesome!!!

Mike Lee, Worship Leader – Malaysia

Makes Me Feel Free And Good About Myself

I found your lessons during a Google search for I don’t even remember what. I’m not a singer. As a matter of fact, I’ve never sang before more than to my daughter (she’s 9) and my girlfriend. To be honest I never really plan on singing for a band or professionally in any way. I do however love to sing. It really, when everything is clicking, makes me feel incredible and in a weird way free. Through your lessons I have learned a lot about the vocal chords. How they work and how to make them work. I have become more comfortable with my voice. I have also learned a few things about myself and taking life with a little less seriousness. The tension speech about the vocal chords really hit home in other places as well. Thank you for that!

You do a wonderful job making me feel like it is a one on one lesson. Again you won’t see me on American Idol at any time but there is a 42 year old, wholly crap I’m old, that can carry a tune now albeit just for my daughter. It still makes me feel free and good about myself. In the end that is all that really matters.

Ryan Cornish

I Love The Bristow Voice Method!

I love the Bristow Voice Method! I play guitar and I found that it’s not that great to just play guitar, you need to be able to sing too to get the full appreciation. I was very embarrassed of my voice and I tried some other voice lessons, but they were all female, which didn’t fit my range and made them feel worthless. I searched high and low to find a male giving singing lessons, and I found the perfect fit with Per Bristow’s Voice Method. He used easy techniques as well as teaches how things work tapping into my intrinsic learning, making learning to sing educational and fast. The Voice Method increased my range, enriched my tone and made me more confident. Thank you Per,

Ryan DeNoble- Iowa

I Can Sing With A Wider Range Now

I’m just a beginner but your singing course was very helpful. I can sing with a wider range now and the lessons were fun and felt very personal. All in all, the interactive singing course was a wonderful, educational, and rewarding experience. Thank you again.

Frank Au - Seattle, Washington

I Feel Like I’ve Been Liberated

The biggest change that I got from this course was not just in my singing but mostly my attitude. I was very self-conscience about singing in front of people, and I used to shake my head when I heard other people singing along with the music at the supermarket. Now I’ve relaxed (which instantly improved my singing). I sing all the time to exercise my vocal cords, even in the supermarket. I feel like I’ve been liberated to explore my own abilities. I’ve found that singing is very therapeutic. It releases stress and calms me down. This course was definitely a life enhancer for me. Thanks for everything, Per

Albert Huerta - Utah

The Exercises Are Fun

Per, I just recently completed your online course. I have learned to relax more when singing and to not worry as much about being on pitch. I am not a singer by profession, just took the course for my own benefit. I have more confidence that I could sing with other people and have fun with it. Keep up the good work! I have enjoyed your voice lessons a lot. The exercises are fun and you present the material in an easy relaxed way.

The written material and video complement each other well and gives me, the singer, a better understanding on what is going on. I have a greater understanding and appreciation of voice fundamentals. Your voice lessons presentation of the basic voice building blocks have given me a much better baseline. I have created a new relationship to the different muscles that defines my voice. I have had a great time studying with you and are looking forward to your blogs discussing the secret of mastering your own voice.

Benny Sommerfeld, cantorial student - California

I Love Your Approach To The Voice: Freedom!

“I am from South Africa, and as a child I used to stutter every time I talked. Somehow I got over that but I think a lot of stress and strain developed in my vocal chords during that disturbing time of my childhood which I have not been able to get total freedom from until I took this course. Also I used to get hickups constantly and now I know how to get rid of them, as it is surprisingly mentioned in this course as well. So I want to say thank you Coach for allowing me to learn so much from you and your experience. I appreciate the fact that you are ‘REAL’ with people and that you are making the student feel save and free to make mistakes. I love your approach to the voice: Freedom! Allow your voice (and your life) to be all it can be by giving it the space it needs to be free!”

Cavelle – Florida

I Now Sing With Little Effort

My name is Colleen and I am a professional singer. I sing for private parties, fundraisers, Legions and the list goes on. I thoroughly enjoyed your online course. I learnt things about singing that I didn’t know before. My voice began to flow and I now sing with little effort. I used to push my voice which is not a good thing. Thanks Per. I learnt a lot from his 6 week course.

Colleen Durdon – Canada

Rediscovered The Effortless Way Of Singing

I’ve taken Per’s online course. He does practice what he “preaches” in his ebook. His method really is quite different from the way most classically trained singing teachers teach. It’s all about releasing i.e. freeing the voice. The online lessons helped me start to rediscover the effortless and enjoyable way of singing that came so naturally to me when I was a kid (I guess I picked it up from my Dad who used to sing and play the guitar a lot when I was young). Sound really was an extension of me (to quote Per’s ebook).

I lost most of that effortlessness after a prolonged episode of laryngitis when I was in my twenties and traditional singing lessons with breath control etc. didn’t help that much to restore my free voice. I highly recommend Per’s course.

Antti Leskela – Finland

I Never Imagined Singing To Feel This Easy And Free

“I have experienced the breakthrough of my life as far as singing. I would have never imagined singing to feel this easy and free. I sing Gospel and R&B music and always had to transpose songs down to my range and never really creating that dynamic impact that I could feel on the inside. Now in such a short space of time I could sing those songs so effortlessly that it feels as though I am cheating!

Glenford Hemsley – New York

Amazed At The Depth Of Understanding I’ve Gained Already

Thank you for your excellent singing instructional DVDs. Just finished two of them and I am amazed at the depth of understanding I’ve gained already. With your unique approach of pairing explanation with well thought out exercises, you have succeeded in pinpointing many aspects of singing that I would have expected to be simply impossible to explain. I’m quite amazed at the way I feel after each exercise…

William Flint - Tennessee

You Explained It All In A Few Sentences

“I just finished my masters in vocal performance and I have a full load of voice students at a community college. You explained in a few sentences things that I did not fully understand from my stack of text books and voice teachers. The mechanics of singing are much clearer to me now. I have changed many of my teaching blunders and it has helped me with my own singing”

Janice Wall - Maryland

A Wonderful New Dimension

“I’m a voice teacher myself, and find that the materials add a wonderful new dimension to my personal studies and for my ability to communicate with my own students. I love what Per has done. He is able to describe complex vocal pedagogy phenomena simply and with an energy, honesty, and enthusiasm rarely found even in music conservatories.”

M.Thomas - Michigan

Claims Of Unusually Fast Progress Did Not Ring True

“As a singer who regularly performs in public I was curious to learn about Per Bristow’s voice method. Claims of unusually fast progress did not ring true since it was my understanding, and indeed my personal experience, that it takes about seven highly committed years with a good teacher to be able to deliver a song or vocal performance, without amplification, to an audience.

I am now in a position to say that had I been introduced to Per Bristow’s approach at the outset, I have little doubt that my progress would have been a good deal quicker than that. For instance, it took ages before I was made aware that the muscles for chewing, swallowing, tongue mobility etc., had to be tamed so they no longer interfered with the delivery of a free vocal line. Per Bristow deals with stuff like that right away. Yes, I endorse Per Bristow’s approach to singing.”

Geoff Wilson - Australia

I Have Made The Discovery Of My True Authentic Voice

“Thank you so much for the great lessons. I am enjoying my DVD #1 tremendously. Right off the bat I am getting an easy tool and muscle awareness that has changed my consciousness also about speaking. The voice comes “all of a sudden” from a very different place, a different source. It has some gentle power to it. I feel like for the first time in my life (49) I have made the discovery of my true authentic voice. Thank you for your genuine passion as a teacher.”

Jasna Pecaric - Oregon

The Sacagawea Of Voice Training

I consider Per Bristow the Sacagawea of voice training. My range, pitch and endurance were all very limited. To be completely honest after the very first lesson I noticed a drastic difference in my vocal freedom, I believe the first change was a greater sense of resonance that came simply because my vocal cords were, for the first time, more able to vibrate freely. I spent 3 years singing for a chorus back in school, and none of those exercises or routines led to anything like this.

Ron Gillison, Virginia

The Best Program I Have Ever Seen

“I’ve been singing at a semi pro level for about 24 years, including 3 years of private instruction and several CD-based and DVD-based programs. This is the best program I have ever seen. I was experiencing greater ease and relaxation when singing after the first DVD. I find that my voice not only sounds ‘freer’ but also I don’t encounter as much vocal ’stiffness’ the next day. It’s becoming easier to get my voice ready for the next evening’s gig!”

John Perinbam - Canada

After Only 5 Minutes Of Your First Lesson

"Thanks for sharing your principles about singing. I have taken voice lessons for a year now, and after only 5 minutes of your first lesson a lot of things fell into place. After finishing the first lesson I had so much fun that I had to write to you. I know that a lot of my surroundings will smile and think that I am crazy, going around tilting my head back and forth (I will probably also smile at it), but I know that I one day will smile back at them, after a great performance. I will always appreciate what you have done"

Jan Nielsen - Alabama

The Best Program I Have Ever Seen

“I’ve been singing at a semi pro level for about 24 years, including 3 years of private instruction and several CD-based and DVD-based programs. This is the best program I have ever seen. I was experiencing greater ease and relaxation when singing after the first DVD. I find that my voice not only sounds ‘freer’ but also I don’t encounter as much vocal ’stiffness’ the next day. It’s becoming easier to get my voice ready for the next evening’s gig!”

John Perinbam - Canada

I’m Becoming More Confident

"I just want to drop a line and say how much I enjoy your course even though I am only a few days into it. I am 63 years old and am doing something I have wanted to do for an absolute eternity. I have been recently widowed, (7 months in 4 days) and I'll be having a memorial golf day for my wonderful husband and I want to sing on this special day with my granddaughters. I do not profess to be a singer of any level. I just want to sound good enough on the day, as there will be around 100-120 invited people playing golf and then lunch, drinks, presentations and a show from me and my granddaughters, ( a surprise for all). I am very nervous and hope I don't chicken out on the day, but I am becoming more confident as I go along, and now more so with your course. Thank you again Per."

Sharyn Campbell – Australia

First Lesson Was Mind Blowing!

"Per, I just did the first lesson of the voice page, and it was mind blowing!!! I can't friggin' believe it it is the most incredible thing I have come across. I can't wait to explore and move to the next. I can't believe my voice, it sounds so loud it's deafening!!!"

Greg Bridges, Australia

I Could Just Cry With Happiness

"I could just cry with happiness. I have sung arias since age 5 and have since then been so confused by voice coach after voice coach (scales, breathing, keys, posture) that I'm afraid to sing in public anymore -"

After just the first lesson, I can sing more freely and with more volume and better pitch than I have in years – I am not kidding ~ I can hardly believe it

Looking forward to my continued progress!!!

Laurie Swanson, California


"Wow! I'm on lesson three.....I can actually sing anything with absolute ease....I'm not even trying...I'm hitting notes now that I put so much strain on before, but now it feels like my voice isn't even being used...completely untired like it could be used everyday nonstop! INCREDIBLE! I can't wait until lessons 4! THANK YOU!"

Kris Ferrell, Ohio

Just Did My First Lesson And I Cannot Believe It

"Hi Per, I just did my first lesson and I cannot believe it. Wonderful! What a teacher you are, and it was fun. The ultimate moment for me was when my wife came across from the main house and said that was wonderful and beautiful! Thank you Per, that was a stimulating experience. With grateful thanks, I am walking on air. "

Michael Meechan - Australia

Can't Believe I've Spent All This Time Working So Hard

"I have tried your course for the last two weeks and I can honestly say this is the best vocal course I have ever taken. I can hardly believe I've spent all this time working so hard and not achieving what I wanted. I have several gigs coming up and I can hardy wait to use what you've shown me. Thanks!"

Daniel Yetnikoff, California