One-On-One Voice Training With Per Bristow - Bristow Voice Method

One-On-One Voice Training With Per Bristow

Private voice lessons in Los Angeles or private vocal coaching via webcam - who might benefit?

Some may see me as a singing teacher, some as a vocal and performance coach. Others call me vocal conditioning coach, empowerment coach, and I’ve even been called "vocal repair shop”. Titles however, are of little value. My job is to help draw out the undiscovered potential in you, whatever stage you are at, or whatever “problem” you might be facing.

Everybody is unique and everyone has different needs. By the same token, there are many similarities between the lawyer who is facing the closing argument in his most important case and the singer about to sing at Hollywood bowl. The up-and-coming artist who experiences constant strain after rehearsals experiences similar fears as the teacher who experiences difficulties with her speaking voice, etc.

In my soon two decades of coaching singers and speaker in the Los Angeles area, my greatest joy is to help people of all walks of life overcome fears and discomforts and realize their untapped potential within. I have written about the ability to learn rapidly and how to develop the ability for rapid learning.

It is not only easy to guarantee significant result in only one session – it is a standard by which every session is measured. If you are considering private singing lessons or private voice lessons for your speaking voice (or both) and would like to discuss your individual needs and desires, feel free to call 310 876 2070.

Voice lessons can also be experienced via webcam wherever you are in the world. (Broadband internet connection required.) Here are just some examples of who may benefit, and have benefited, from voice lessons with the Bristow Voice Method:

The Professional Singer

  • who needs to condition him/herself to be able to endure a grueling tour or recording.
  • who wants to accelerate recovery between performances.
  • who realizes that strain and fatigue, and the accompanying subtle (or not so subtle) worry, diminishes his/her ability to be truly free – therefore hampering the ability to truly captivate the audience.
  • Who senses that habitual patterns hold him/her back as an artist and wants to discover a new dimension of artistic freedom.
  • Who want to rapidly recover from injury or functional disorders – such as nodules, polyps, muscle tension dysphonia, etc.

The Band

  • Who wants their performance evaluated and would like to learn how to easily, rapidly and dramatically improve their performances and attract fans like a magnet.
  • Who wants to get maximum performance and therefore maximum value out of a studio recording session.

The Up-And-Coming Artist

  • Who wants to discover and enhance his/her true uniqueness.
  • Who wants to train the voice to be able to express freely and with confidence.
  • Who realizes that freeing the physical and inner voice also allows charisma and authentic personality to blossom.
  • Who wants help in developing repertoire and have guidance in recording and performance situations.
  • Who wants to keep the voice healthy, recover from dysfunction and prevent voice problems.
  • Who wants to unleash his/her ability to bond with the audience.

The Hobbyist

  • Who loves the idea of being able to sing well, but never thought he/she could, or has never been given the chance to discover how easily it can be done.
  • Who experiences difficulty singing on key and would like to learn the rapid strategies to master that ability.
  • Who realizes that being able to sing freely and with confidence transforms life in other areas as well.
  • Who would love to get into a choir, a band, a stage show, or impress friends at the next karaoke night.
  • Who would love to experience the true joy of singing.

The Speaker

(“speaker” refers to anyone who uses their voice to communicate – such as public speakers, lawyers, teachers, sports coaches, telemarketers, salespeople, actors, 1st ADs on movie sets, preachers, etc.)

  • Who wants to heal and overcome problems or dysfunctions with his/her speaking voice – hoarseness, fatigue, tension, weakness, breathing problems, etc.
  • Who would like to improve overall vocal quality.
  • Who wants to feel more confident, empowered and spontaneous in speaking situations.
  • Who wants to create a more resonating voice – thus a more resonating personality.
  • Who wants to become a more authoritative and influential person that attracts success.