Workshops / Seminars - Bristow Voice Method

Workshops / Seminars

Workshop and seminars are organized from time to time. Be sure to be on the mailing list to receive information (sign up in the right sidebar).

Per Bristow is also available for hire when his schedule permits for lectures, seminars and workshops. In the same way that The Bristow Voice Method caters to the individual’s unique needs, workshops and seminars are likewise tailored toward the organization and its participants’ specific needs. A workshop can range from a 2 to 3 hour session to a multi-day event. Workshops and seminars should be thought of as interactive events where audience members are invited to participate and various vocal issues are addressed on the spot.

Groups, Schools, and Organizations Catering to Singers
In an entertaining format, audience members will discover the most efficient ways to rapidly release confident, effortless use of their voices and dramatically increase their range, power and dynamics. Participants will learn how to handle specific vocal problems, recover from and/or prevent vocal injury, and gain an overall healthy voice. Depending on the length of the workshop or seminar, additional subjects may be included, such as how to improve performance and learning peak performance strategies.

Organizations and Corporations Catering to the Speaking Voice (Lawyers, Salespeople, Speakers, etc.
Participants will discover how to create a more powerful, dynamic and effortless use of their instruments, never lose their voices, become more confident in critical situations, and unleash a more authentic and captivating voice and persona for greater success in their respective fields.

Organizations and Groups Catering to Empowerment via Self-expression
Audience members will be led on a journey toward discovering the inner joy of releasing a free, vibrant sound (individually as well as in a group). Additionally, they will discover the immense psychological and physical benefits that go with it.

All in all, audience members are guaranteed to leave with a profound and newfound discovery of their voices and different means of expression, in addition to having had an enlightening and entertaining time with Per Bristow.